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bombasticknight's Journal

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14th October 2006

12:07am: I really do feel like I'm taking shots in the dark, anymore. And honestly, I'm not hitting any of the targets, either.

If this is what I'm supposed to be doing, then why does it actually feel sort of.. wrong?

25th September 2006

11:36pm: Damn. What a nagging feeling. Was I lied to, or deceived indirectly? What was it that I missed? It seems that I am dealing with the most devious of beasts. I underestimated it all.

May the Goddess forgive me. I will not fail her again.

13th September 2006

4:12am: Well, that was.. interesting? Plenty of monsters lurked within that tower, but nothing I'd term unusual. Or even sentient, for that matter. Certainly none I'd say inspired a feeling of doom just by its presence.

Did it escape before I arrived.. or..

This can't be good.

2nd September 2006

1:06am: Well, this is certainly interesting. Being sent to this waste to check on this tower, and hopefully eradicate my target within it.. but running into a ragtag bunch of explorers instead was not what I had in mind.

Children. Though that girl, there is something strange about that one. She is ill, though. Perhaps she was poisoned by some nefarious creature inside! Maybe they know something..

.. though.. they probably were just looking for shiny things that weren't glued to the floor. Bah.

4th August 2006

11:41pm: Pentagulia.
It is blasphemy to think, perhaps, that the holy city could use a little color. It's an odd thing, certainly, that despite my readiness to fufill my duties, I feel drained upon docking with this place. I'm already eager to leave, even on some quest as dangerous as this will certainly be. Though, I am a man of action, after all. Maybe it's all the reading and studying that I can't stand! It always seemed to suit Mauri more than myself.

I haven't seen her in quite awhile. They must keep her as busy, too. Wonder if she'd be angry to know that I keep in touch with Ronfar, even if only once in a great while.

Tonight, though, will be a blessing. I must get my thoughts into order and see the Goddess's servant..

10th July 2006

11:49pm: A hazard to the entire world.

The Dragonship Destiny rumbles beneath my heels, and I remember thinking that one day I would have to pay for such a gift. Not with my mere diligence, but with my actions. Yes, the Goddess has trust in me, but I long to prove myself worthy of that. It looks like it'll be sooner than I thought.

Brush aside fear, bring forth honor. In the name of Althena, I'll bring this destroyer-of-worlds to it's knees! .. aha, if it has any!
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